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Product Based Businesses

Product development

You’ve got an amazing idea, but for now, it’s just an idea. We’ll help you navigate the murky, unchartered waters of developing your invention. You think it up, we chase it down.

finding and managing a factory

You gave a factory an order, but do you know how to manage them? It’s difficult entering into new relationships. Our method insures that you and your manufacturer are on the same page from Day 1.

In the factory.jpg

China, 2017

I'll help you make sure your production gets in and out the way that you want it to. Want to come along and visit your factory? I'll organize the experience!


Not sure how much your product will cost to make? And even when you get quotes from potential manufacturers, are you sure it's competitive? We love strategizing how to cut costs without sacrificing quality. 

Pricing strategy

MSRP. MAP pricing. What does it all mean and how does it all tie together into a profitable pricing strategy? We'll help you figure out your sweet spot price point.

testing and compliance

Do you know how to make sure you’re complying with state, federal, and international compliance regulations? How to protect your intellectual property at home and abroad? We identify stress points, risks, and exposure to help you avoid serious issues. 


You’ve manufactured goods and want to move them from where they are to where they need to be. Logistics is where we shine, taking the stress off of you with a thriving global network.

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Service Based Businesses


Don't have an idea yet? Or have too many ideas? You need to tune out the noise and tune into reality. I'll help you figure out which ideas are monetizable, and which aren't so that you can walk into a business that gives you the best chance of putting money into your pocket.


My best clients are ones with a strong skillset--you’re an awesome designer, event planner, rockstar branding expert--but you aren't making (enough) money.

Are you monetizing your service offerings? Are you charging enough to make a solid profit that covers your goals? I help you figure out how to monetize, charge more, and feel comfortable doing it.

systems automation

Working from sun up to sunset but still aren't getting enough done? If you constantly feel like there aren't enough hours in the day, let me tell you now--there are! You just need a better system. I can help.

crisis management

Simply put, stuff happens. And when it does, I know how to turn down the temperature and avert a crisis. If you're already in a crisis, I know how to step in, cut the emotion out, and help you reach a resolution.

Social mission

Doing good for your community is important for the community and also for your business's strategy. Having a strong social mission will help you to develop a stronger competitive advantage. You want people to talk--consumers, competitors, investors, suppliers and the press. We'll work together to make sure that they're talking about the right things.


Detroit, 2018

Connecting with a client to help bring to life a success story that has received technical assistance from several organizations, including the City of Detroit.